Business Coaching

I’ve been in the Public Relations, Marketing, New Business landscape for just over 14 years. The experience that I bring as a Business Coach is the ability to develop, redevelop and realign your vision and plan for where you want your company to be or finally get up the nerve to begin that organisation you’ve been contemplating for years.

Through the use of detailed visualizations, precise open-ended questioning and other various techniques that allow you to delve into the subconscious, you will

  • Increase your leadership skills
  • Create a clear path for your business
  • Identify the tools and systems you need to elevate your business
  • Breakthrough from the struggle and anything else that has been holding you back
  • Rise above perceived limitations
  • Transform and keep your team thriving
  • Guide your team and your business to success, abundance and fulfilment

Career Coaching

Imagine getting up every day and feeling inspired by what you do! It’s absolutely possible; in fact, with some thought and effort, it’s certain! 

Coaching is a very efficient way of creating a wonderfully fulfilling profession. Improve performance at work, change careers, create other income streams, or even start a new business. 

You will probably spend over 80,000+ hours at work over your lifetime. It’s safe to say that your career will have a huge impact on your quality of life! So if you are feeling in a rut, get in contact! On the job hunt and need advice about your CV contact me! Let us start your journey of living!