The benefits of affirmations are copious but how can we use them in our day-to-day life? 

In my opinion, it’s recommended to be consistent when practising positive affirmations. It’s important to recite them often and the most important aspect of them is to start believing in them! I’ve created a conveniently sized card that can serve as pocket reminders of your worth wherever you are. You can use your whole deck by shuffling them and choosing one card to focus on each day, week, or month- up – to you.  Start repeating and saying it out loud to yourself whenever you see it. It is great to gift them to friends or family. I’ve even left one on a stranger’s car!


  • Live a better life
  • Stop a pattern of negative self-talk
  • Positively affect the thoughts and actions throughout your day
  • Inspire our overall outlook of the world

Technical details

  • 40 Cards
  • Matt lamination for durability

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