Hello, welcome and thank you for giving a local girl like me the opportunity to possibly create a positive impact on your journey! My journey like yours was not easy and it’s still not easy. Life has a way of grounding you when you least expect it. This happened to me and when it happened, I lost a sense of self and along my journey of healing, I sort to protect my inner peace.


I’ve learnt to become conscious of my life, my thoughts, my actions, and the company I keep. This, I wish for you. It is important to become conscious of the pattern in which we are thinking and behaving. Life is too short to not check in on oneself and to make sure that we are doing ok. I dreamt about this, it’ true. Since my dream, I sought out ways to check in with myself.

I found that a positive way to do this is to take a few minutes from your day, even if you are procrastinating, do it, and use the Conscious Journal to reflect about yourself, to yourself. Learn about what makes you, you.

By no means, will this journal be a quick fix (it took many hours of therapy, courses, and relearning habits) but it will certainly assist you in achieving a grateful journey in becoming a conscious individual. I believe that having such a journal next to your bedside and forcing yourself to simply think of areas of your life in the morning will make for positive reinforcement. As a Professional Life Coach, I’ve learnt that simple life affirmations can trigger an emotional response – for anyone. You may not even think of anything for the first day or week – it’s ok – just keep returning and you will experience your thoughts flowing.

We need to remember that we are on a journey called life and life as we know it, is tough but if we become conscious of our thoughts and actions – we’ll live a more grateful one. In the evening, I found myself writing down negative things about my day, and eventually, when I became conscious of my thoughts and feelings I started to change my perspective about my life and started writing about what made me feel amazing, and instead of moaning – I asked myself how would my day have been easier. Sometimes, I would simply just write breathing. This was ok because it made me focus on my breathing technique.

This was the moment, I decided to create this journal. It’s taken many late nights and loads of negotiating to get to this point. I am proud and conscious of the end product, I truly hope you enjoy it as much as I do. A few affirmations that I speak out loud to myself is:

I must learn. I must be kind. I must be accepting. I must be grateful. 

A little bit about me:

DISC Type is that of a Harmonizer (IS): Aneeqa tends to be a patient and trusting person, who often creates an optimistic, welcoming environment for others. She may enjoy regular, casual conversation with those around her.

Enneagram Type3: The Performer: As a Type Three, Aneeqa tends to be ambitious, adaptable, and enthusiastic. Aneeqa is generally driven and loves to set and accomplish goals.

16-Personality Type: ESFJ: As an ESFJ, Aneeqa tends to be empathetic, warm-hearted, and supportive. Aneeqa is often a social butterfly and highly aware of others’ needs.

Favourite Animal: Butterfly (more of an insect)

Favourite time of day: 4pm!

Wishing you a conscious journey – Aneeqa at Stork & Cradle Life Coaching